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It all started when…

Rachel was born in the UK and as a teenager she first experienced yoga alongside her mother, using it as quality time to spend together. After spending time living and working abroad in France and Australia, Rachel moved to Norway where she reconnected with her love of yoga through a difficult transition. Her intuitive self-awareness has led her on a path of self-discovery, where she has sought out invaluable and potent teachers and mentors who have inspired and guided her personal growth. She now runs a tiny yoga space in the Norwegian ski town Geilo, with focus on community and wellness. Her truest work is through teaching the healing power of sensing our bodies through intuitive awareness. You will find Rachel facilitating personal development through, Yoga Nidra, Women’s Circles and individual guidance and training to develop each persons own intuitive practices, all with the intention of presence, clarity and freedom.

she honours safe and supportive space for Love to be present and truly felt by the people around her. rachel believes transformation is the essence for a joyful life, through deep compassion, vulnerability and appreciation.

I believe our greatest knowing is self love, from this state of being no problem is greater than the choice of loving oneself.

— Rachel Brownbridge

My teachers & mentors

Paula Tursi owner of Reflections Yoga - 200hr yoga teacher training 2016

Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen owner of Lago CPH - 200hr yoga teacher training 2016 & 30hr Thai Yoga massage training

Mandy lawson kidding around yoga 30hr Kidding around yoga teacher training 2016

Tonje Naess owner of Leela Yoga Yogastrology Teacher Training 2018

Jana Roemer website 80hr Yoga Nidra teacher training 2018

Juliet Allen website Sex, intimacy and relationship coaching 2018

Kelsi Ludvigson website Yoga teacher mentorship 2018

Jessica Rothley website Coaching on eating psychology, endocrinology & body love, 2019

Andrea Maxine Frade website 10 month mentorship (From Guidance Within) 2019