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Virtual Yoga Nidra - for deep rest


Yoga Nidra is- Yoga Nidra or 'deep relaxation' tapping into our nervous system. Assisting you into a deeper relaxed state of being. The specific design and process of yoga Nidra, leads you step by step through the subtle layers of the body. The idea is, for you to feel safe and comfortable so that you can be guided into a lower brain wave frequency. This is where it is possible to reset your nervous system, from being dominant in the sympathetic over drive to balancing with the parasympathetic rest and digest. This can bring about feelings of being at ease, calmness and initiate healing throughout the mental, emotional body. The intentional script can help you tap into limiting beliefs and thought patterns, creating a safe space to re wire new path ways of love and compassion.

DATE : Sunday, September 29

TIME : 16:30(OSL) 3:30pm(LON) 10:30am(EST) 07:30am(PDT)

COST : 150nok // (Roughly £15)

LOCATION : Zoom - You will receive a link via your given email by 12pm on the 29 sept.

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Please give your self enough time to have zoom set up and ready before the session starts.

WHO IS THIS FOR? : Anyone who wishes to feel ease and peace in the midsts of the modern world. No previous experience required.

QUESTIONS : Message or email me at

I will do my best to answer any of your questions before and after the session.

REFUNDS/CANCELATIONS : No refunds are available for this class. You will be provided with a recording of the session within 48-hours of the event if you are unable to attended.

Its important to have your resting space ready before you join the session. Choose somewhere quite, undisturbed and comfortable to lay down. I recommend using earphones to help with any outside noises. It can be nice to have a blanket, comfy clothing and something to cover your eyes. Other ways you can make the experience more enjoyable are by having a pillow under you head if needed, or a bolster under your knees.

Feel free to use your favourite essential oil for extra support and its always a good idea to have a journal close by for after, writing down any insights you may have discovered during the session.

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