Live an authentic and aligned life through transforming your fears and getting unstuck.

We are all able to trust and live from a place of freedom. It’s a choice we make to live from where we are and hold unfaltering belief that the infinite possibilities around us are for us to embrace.
— Rachel Brownbridge

free online class and pdf workbook

In this free 90min class you will learn how to work with your fears. With guidance, support and knowledge from me and with the extra help of my 8 page workbook which I have lovingly designed, for you. Use it when you are feeling stuck or would like more clarity from your fears. Its an invaluable tool that you can come back to over and over again for support and guidance.

In the group class I will go over the workbook with you. Giving you insights into how you can use it with confidence and answer any questions you may have. So that when you come to fill it out you feel empowered and ready to do the work.

I also welcome for those who would like more intimate, personalised guidance and support. I will be offering 60min 1 to1 sessions, which can be arranged at a time that suits and will be charged at a cost of 695,-.

Working 1 to 1 is a powerful way to get really clear and specific on where you are needing more light. My strength is in seeing the whole experience and offering you more freedom in your perspective. Helping your achieve choices and outcomes better aligned with your happiness and joy. I hold safe, abundant space for you to voice your self in ways which open your own experience and honour your process of unfolding what wants to be heard and seen.  Its a true delight to work in this way and I highly recommend this work if you have been coming up against a recurring block or feel alone or hopeless in where to start.

Through this same work, I have created great leaps forward in my own happiness and freedom.

All resistance comes from fear. At the core of fear is a belief. at the root of each belief is a decision you made, these decisions are made early on in life and often unconsciously.
— Barbara Stanny