You don’t have a problem to solve, you have a decision to make.
— Robert shore



Rachel is personal guide for deeply loving self transformation. She opens and holds judgement free and safe space. For women to feel worthy, seen and fully expressed. With the intention of women connecting with their true essence. Uncovering who they are in their infinite potential. Through support, clarity and freedom.

Do I let go of whats not serving me, or do I abandon myself.
— Barbara Stanny


Awaken from within

Guiding women to remember who they are through awakening within - 12 week online program

12 x 90min online group classes on zoom (weekly)

10 x self care practices, guides, descriptions, activities.

2 x 15min yoga practice videos

1 x audible Yoga Nidra

1 x audible breath meditation

12 x 60min (weekly) 1 to 1 sessions

access to private group on Facebook

for sharing and community


Remember who you are

When you choose to be compassionate, caring and truly believe that you deserve a beautiful life. Where you see, feel and are totally awake to all life around you. This, to me is the idea of living a sacred life. Everyone is capable of opening their hearts and listening to their bodies, trusting intuition and asking what it is they truly desire.

I invite you to come practice with me and receive these wonderful tools that have given me the inspiration to embrace and love all that I am. Transforming habits, questioning beliefs and learning through the eyes of love and compassion.


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