Awaken from within

If you are unsure why joining a program like “Awaken from within” would be beneficial to you I totally get it I’ve even written a blog post about this exact question I asked myself. You can find it here “When you ask, you receive”. The key word here is “ask” because what I discovered about myself and about a lot of women I have spoken with, is that we have this built in voice inside that talks down to us whenever we need to ask for something. Whether we want to ask for help on a work project, ask for help getting the chores done at home, ask for a pay raise because we know we are entitled to one or ask someone to not speak to us in a certain way because its rude and hurtful. Even asking our self to be kinder and less controlling to our self and others.

We somehow always have an answer that dismisses the very need we had in the first place. To listen to our own guidance from within because I’ll tell you one thing, it knows exactly what we need and every day it’s there waiting for us to surrender and listen. The more we fight it and try to do what we think we “should” be doing, the louder the voice can get.


This is where things start to get really uncomfortable because you are pushing up against who you thought you were and the person you truly are meant to be. You start seeing your daily life as one activity after another that doesn’t feel like you. It’s another person’s life happening to you.

Reminder, you haven’t done anything wrong you’re not a bad person and this isn’t how it has to go on.


We grow, change and learn and that is the cycle of life. It’s just sometimes our mind and body can get lost on the way. If we are unaware of ourselves going through change it can be a difficult pill to swallow. Then when the penny drops, and we start to see the change within. It can be a huge adjustment that our habits and body have to make to catch up with who we have changed into.

Years of doing things a certain way or being a certain person suddenly are in review. If we don’t take a second to pause and give ourselves the time to digest and find some understanding in all of this. We are going to eventually hit emotional barriers and blocks because we bypassed the full experience of change.


As women I think it’s safe to say that contrary to popular belief, women don’t in many circumstances express their true emotions. For instance if you’ve been led to believe your whole life that women are emotional and that it’s a weakness that makes them vulnerable. I hear ya, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not a weakness, it’s a god damn super power. Emotions are POWERFUL and they show that a person is being true and real to their own experience. When we hide our true emotional expression, we are changing the way people view our experience. Also sending mixed signals to our own bodies. This is all kinds of confusing, not only for us but for the person/people around us. When someone see’s that we are ok with something but inside we are screaming and full of anger then we start suppressing ourselves. And that’s not a safe space to be in.


I do think that because we have been taught in most social communities to not be TOO EMOTIONAL, we have never felt safe enough to express freely and without judgement. And sometimes this is out of not wanting to feel odd and the one who is unstable/hasn’t got it all together. It can also be far more life threatening by being vilified, treated unfairly or abused because you showed your real emotion and it is triggering to others.


Emotions are powerful and that’s why we are taught to suppress them. Because that would make us powerful. And when women are known for having a heightened ability to access and express emotions, then we can be perceived as a threat. If a woman was able to express herself fully, she would develop such a loving, powerful yet intelligent relationship with her emotions, she could affect huge change in the world.


Emotions only make us weak when we don’t allow them to be fully expressed. We are then unable to transform the emotion into awareness and wisdom.

Our emotions when given the space empower us to go inwards to sense what it is true right now. Helping us make decisions and choices in our life that support our happiness. Our emotions are clues to how we could be using our intuition to support our analytical mind, giving us the best chance of building a life that is 100% of our design and who we wish to be. Powerful right?

We all have this ability within, no one has to give it to us, and we don’t need to earn it. We just have to be brave and vulnerable enough to embrace ourselves. Remember who we really are.


All beings entered this life to live their highest potential, no one is any less valuable or worthy when they enter this world. You wouldn’t tell a new born baby that they can’t be happy, and they don’t deserve to be. Because that simple isn’t true. A baby also expresses themselves fully, no holding back and yet we love, support and honour then, just as they are. Because we know that deep down that is our natural and true state of being. As we grow older, our ability to express our emotions would naturally become more intelligent and empowered. Instead we abandon our ability to intuitively use the emotional response as a point of guidance. Instead we tend to lean on automatic responses we have been taught from a suppressive society.


Awaken from within, is me saying. Women join me in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive space to discover the YOU that can express herself fully. That can feel her emotions, can speak her mind and say what she has been longing to say for so long. All without feeling shame, fear, worry or intimidation.

And the way to getting back to feeling empowered by our emotions, is by overcoming our fears and supporting ourselves in the process. With self-care and a whole lot of love, space and support.

To make this happen for you, first we must speak and see if our intentions align for this work.

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love Rach