From fear to freedom

You never know how things will unfold, especially when you are diving into a completely new adventure.

It is true that every day is a new adventure but for some reason of which there are many, we somehow normalise and make the every day as predictable as possible. Of course its impossible to predict the future but we are very good at making sure things don’t go off the path we have intended. I have seen this behaviour in myself more and more as I have grown older and been through a variety of emotions and experiences.

When I have experienced something unpleasant my reaction is it hold that memory and label it as ( do not experience again)

When I have a beautiful happy experiences I will often hang on to it and label it as ( don’t let go of this )

I have become more willing and truthfully pushed to my edge, to question my beliefs on life, relationships and humanity.

If I’am making decisions in my life based on a belief I labelled in my head from the past, this leads me to live in self induced fear. I’m repeating patterns from my past. If I had a difficult experience with death and abandonment as a child and labelled the experience as ( to not be repeated) first of all, death is coming for everyone there is no denying it. If you have been abandoned then the likely chances are you have trouble trusting your chances of having a successful relationship with anyone, in fear that you will be abandoned again.

Writing this, makes me wonder why, we let the fears from past live on in our now. Good and bad things are happening all the time that is just how it goes, but why live waiting for it to happen to you?

When we know it is 100% a new day every day, why would we want to relive it with past emotions and beliefs?

Everyday we are given the gift to rewrite our map of life. If we come to a dead end we can change the direction. If a way of thinking is making us unhappy then we can potentially change the way we think. The idea that it is ourself that must change and question our own thoughts can feel difficult. Like someone coming in and tearing pages out of your past, out of your story and screwing it up into a ball and throwing it away. Only to start over again. You had spent your whole life writing that story, you had been through everything, to be told that it doesn’t need to be like that anymore.

Do you let go with ease and trust that everything will be ok, or do you panic and go looking through the rubbish to find your old story, unable to let go?

Its easy to see that one way will lead to living in the now, continuously in a state of flow adapting to whatever comes our way. The other will leave you stuck and hitting the repeat button over and over again, reliving the same highs and lows, giving a sense of predictability to life.

Do you choose fearlessness and freedom?