I’am loved, how my heart got cracked open with Yoga Nidra in the mountains of Norway

How I ended up with 15 enchanting women, at a beautiful mountain retreat in the magical surroundings of Norway.

I had, butterflies weeks up to the training, I had even in a conversation with the organiser, said that I somehow knew this would be a memorable week full of magic. Little did I know what was to come.

For the last couple of years, I had found myself struggling to find my voice and speak from a place of wholeness. To often I would experience that feeling of not being able to communicate my thoughts and character. It could feel like a frog in my throat or a heaviness in my heart. It started to happen more often than not and that lead to my self confidence and happiness to become less and less.

Confusion and frustration set in and I would often find my self living in a non reality. I would relive my past, thinking what if and look to the future and plan for good and bad fortune. My outer pain was taking me away from what was the inner me. The walls I was putting up around me were slowly getting closer.

I truly believe that what you put out into the universe comes right back at you. To pull myself back to the now I put in place the manifestation of finding my support system. Ive spoken about togetherness before and this is exactly what I needed. People may wonder how I found this openness and trust to explore different perspectives of life and the universe, but I strongly believe that their is only truth in what you have experienced. The world is uncertain and forever changing, so whatever you experience is true or your truth. I see the world in colour, so the idea of things being black and white doesn’t seem quite right.

As soon as our guide Jana Roemer initiated the beginnings of our journey, my heart was already listening intently as if someone had just turned up the volume. You know you’ve become part of something transformational when the women sharing her knowledge and experience, is so full of passion and pure love its radiating out of her and into the room. The pieces of my life so far were all starting to come together.

We were doing Yoga Nidra twice a day, morning and night, the rest of the day was spent in lecture, learning the science behind Nidra and different perceptions of its capabilities. I was fascinated and also finding my brain making connection after connection with what was being said.

Our brain is truly amazing, but its so obvious how we over think and use the brain to self sabotage. How many times have you listened to that voice in your head retelling an old story? How often does a hidden trauma as a child or younger version of your self, re appear disguised as a new fear?

Trauma often comes along with its own set of emotions. Those emotions are forever linked to that trauma as long as you let it run the same patterns over and over again. Have you ever noticed that different emotions have different breath patterns? If your angry you maybe hold your breath and tense. If you are crying you gulp the air down uncontrollably. When your diaphragm works properly its signals your body to be in parasympathetic rest. The breath needs to feel the body is a safe place to travel, so when you are fully in your body, it will not release stress hormones but instead initiate healing you from the inside.

Every time you experience Yoga Nidra your inviting yourself into parasympathetic rest. Allowing your body and mind to be in a completely safe space. With the idea of letting the mind and body drift into deep sleep. You are left with the awareness of your consciousness. At this point the universe is your oyster……I guess this is where your experience is the only truth. No two Nidra’s are the same and the ever lasting affects aren’t always apparent until its time. Its a journey into to your inner self. The closer you get, the endless universal possibilities become heart openly apparent.

So if this hasn’t at the very least jumped your curiosity I hope that one day your sub conscious mind will remember this post and lead you to take your first Yoga Nidra. And if you looking for another reason to try,  just 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as much as 2 hours of deep delta sleep. Your pretty much guaranteed to awaken a lighter more rested you.

And I will leave you with some words I wrote during the training.

Never limit your beliefs, dreams or capability of love. When you can realise this, pour loving intention into everything you do. This power alone can change your inner world. There is nothing greater than being your truest self.