My story - staying present with love

Sharing the peace and love that Yoga embodies, helping us connect with ourselves and others with a clear and open, mind and body. Step into your sacred light, yes thats what I aim to share. If your wondering what I mean by this, I can best explain it like this;

One of the greatest gifts we behold, is the gift of compassion. Finding love for someone/something in your heart at all times no matter what has happened. Seeing past the drama, letting what is, just be and letting your heart stay open throughout all that life brings.

Feeling a part of, or connected to life is what exercises the love and compassion inside of us. Wether you sing in a group, go for walks with a friend, or are going to AA meetings. Its the connections you make and the compassion you share together, that bring feelings of joy, happiness and fulfilment. Life is unpredictable and full of uncertainty often leading us to close our hearts and live in fear.

But what are we really in fear of? If we only saw things with love and compassion wouldn’t we let go of the fear? there would be no need for it? If we let go of the fear wouldn’t we be free? Free to enjoy all the things we let fear get In the way of. My best moments in life have always been when I haven’t let fear take over, I trusted my true self.

To practice yoga means to join the dots as it were. The dots being our mind, body and spirt. Connecting these areas opens you up to powerful insights. Take the feeling you get from connecting with a new friend, when you have a really amazing time together and talk about all the things you love, you come away feeling so good. Now imagine how it would feel if your mind, body and sprit were connecting together in harmony in a way you had never experienced before. It would be almost overwhelming, the clarity and fluidity in everything, it would be beautiful, you wouldn’t be able to not be full of love and compassion.

Part of yoga might appear just as stretching or doing strange postures, but if you look at it more deeply the idea is connection within the body and with that, connection with the mind and ultimately the spirt. One day all three becoming one and you awakening your highest self aka your sacred light.

Take big steps or baby steps just keep moving forward, nothings in your way.