I crave togetherness and not just in the sense of a loved one but with a whole community or you could say the whole world. I wish and dream to be part of something where people live with their hearts wide open lovingly and vulnerably.

At the heart of everything I do is this core desire. Its what sets my heart on fire. To see people come together, communicating and letting go of all hidden agendas. Letting their open hearts guide them to pure joy and ecstasy. Isn’t that what all human life truly lives for???? 

To me it symbolises a peaceful and restful life, leading to an abundance of inspiration and creativity. People automatically light up and become full of life when togetherness occurs. And yet we are all afraid maybe even overwhelmed by this simplistic idea.

I guess togetherness means we would have to release our ego’s and invite our higher self to embrace all with uncertainty. Our resistance to letting go of the ego holds us back in so many ways. 

I imagine our minds walking around in a dark room. Always walking in the same circular pattern, the safe and trusted way we have learned. If we let our intuition our “higher self” join us in the dark room, all of a sudden we would brake the old pattern and find a new way. Reaching out to the walls we would find the light switch that would fill the room with light and show us to the door which leads us to somewhere new.

 I like to put it as ‘taking intuitively guided risk’ the idea isn’t that its all rainbows on the other side, more that you don’t get stuck reliving old patterns dressed up in new ways. Find the door and walk through into the unknown. We are made to flow and be life living. Every time someone walks through a new door a thousand new possibilities are born.

We create when we trust and let be.