1 to 1 wellness


How would it feel……..

….. to have someone in your life who's loving job was to hold a safe and supportive space for you?

Do you suffer from, stress, sleepless nights, pain or discomfort in your body?

My intention is to help ground and support what ever you are working through?

Safe to dive into your mind, hearts desires, and move inwards to listen deeply.

I offering private wellness sessions, to support and guide you. I meet you where you are....and with my training and experience, the work we will do together will help you discover your mind and body in a whole new way. Through practice and discovery, you will remember who you are and what you need.


Feel safe, supported and comfortable.

These sessions help support;

Reducing stress

Releasing tension in the body

Greater body and mind awareness

Cultivating day to day ways of increasing wellness

Lifting limiting beliefs and exploring new ways of being

Self love and acceptance

Balancing the nervous system

Tools I work with;

Thai Yoga massage



Breath work

Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)

1 to 1 mentoring

Included in all packages are resources to help you in between and after our sessions. I will be available for answering questions by email and will do my best to reply in good time.