12 – week online program, awakening within, to create, presence, clarity and freedom through empowered self-care practices. Learn and develop your intuitive wisdom through weekly live online workshops, guided exercises and personal 1 to 1 weekly sessions.

Join Rachel in a modern-day virtual community. In this learning space you are invited into a supported, creative and joyful journey with other empowering women. Within the sacred space of our 1 to 1 sessions, we will begin the process of remembering who you are. Opening the way to your hearts deepest desire and uncovering what it would feel like to live an intuitive and empowered life and how to move into alignment with your true purpose.

‘Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.’
— Steve Jobs


Through this 12-week program we will cover the topics and tools, I hold close to my heart. Over years of exploring and experimenting with my intuition, I found it incredibly important when I started my own yoga practice and became a yoga teacher. My daily practice of self-care is now an intuitive response to how I’m feeling and what I need to respond to the demands of modern day living.

The Beautiful thing is that it’s a practice and you are always discovering and creating new levels of intuitive guidance, that opens you to your heart’s truest desires.

Learn new ways of connecting with yourself and create daily practices that give you what you need to be present, clear and feel freedom in discovering your joy and purpose in life.

What you recieve

  • 12 x 90min online group classes on zoom (weekly) recordings available

  • 10 x self care practices, guides, descriptions, activities.

  • 2 x 15min yoga practice videos

  • 1 x audible yoga nidra

  • 1 x audible breath meditation

  • 12 x 60min (weekly) 1 to 1 sessions

  • Access to private group on Facebook for sharing and community 

12 week outline

Week 1 - Welcome…..and breathe - aligning and settling in

Week 2 - Daily practices

Week 3 - Journalling

Week 4 - Meditation & breath

Week 5 - Yoga & movement

Week 6 - Cards/crystals/oils/smudging

Week 7 - Yoga Nidra

Week 8 - Creativity

Week 9 - Nature

Week 10 - Support

Week 11 -  Altar building

Week 12 - The path is clear now - closing  

how it works

Each session I will address the practice for that week. Sharing how to begin the process of using your intuition to enable you to make space for you to experiment with the topic that week. You receive a practice or guide to bring into your daily life and get into the habit of using these moments of wisdom to ease and relieve stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. As every time you make space in your life to tend to your heart, mind and body, you realign with your mission and purpose. Soon a life of living for-filled and in flow begins to unfold before you.

The intentions we bring to our daily habits create huge shifts in where our energy and power thrive.

Every time we meet in group session, we will navigate our way through, what comes up around our WISDOM, INTUITION AND WORTH

Wisdom –

     Originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, 

rather than learned through experience

The quality or state of being wise; knowledge 

of what is true or right coupled with 

just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.

Intuition –

    The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

  Your intuition or your intuitions are unexplained feelings you have that something is true even when you have no evidence or proof of it.

Pure, untaught, non-differential knowledge.

   The quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.

Worth –

The sense of one's own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.

The instinct or desire to promote one's own well-being; regard for or love of one's self. 


When worth, intuition, and wisdom get put into a melting pot together your daily practices of self-care will become moments of time that will shift your consciousness in the most profound ways.

Never could I have imagined how small intentional moments of my day could lead to such beautiful transformations.
— Rachel Brownbridge

1 to 1 sessions

Thats right….. the most successful way to aid lasting transformation is having a calming, centered and supportive guide holding your hand every step of the way. I have spent many years, tuning into my own awareness, going deep into self inquiry and doing powerful transformational work. Often all by the intuitive guidance of myself. I have also, gratefully sought out many empowering and inspiring teachers that have shown me unfaltering support and given so much wisdom. I now present all that I have and continue to gather, and share it with you.

I made this program to make real, life shifting changes for women who also see beyond the constraints of limited thinking and wish to feel freedom in their choice to be exactly who they are, living a life that belongs to their soul.

I know what its like to wake up one day and ask yourself “how did I get here?” , “what do I want?” “what do I even need?”. Feeling lonely, disconnected, lost, unfulfilled and about ready to throw it all in. You realise your not living in alignment with your soul purpose, something doesn’t feel right deep inside but you just dont know where to start or why you are feeling this way? I understand the need to reduce the panic and overwhelm every day. It can be totally scary and life affirming all at the same time. Your awareness has been spiked and your beginning to wake up and remember who you really are.

This is where the work we do together in these session will bring you to moments of pure heart and sighs of relief as you rekindle your voice from within.

During our 1 to 1 sessions, I will hold gentle and safe space for you to begin to feel into whats not working for you and why. We will welcome all parts of ourselves back from where they have been hiding, and honour their message of what needs to be healed. As the inner cobwebs are being cleared out you will start to a-tune to your true intuitive voice, that now has space to breathe. Getting closer to your hearts desires, values and purpose in life. Uncovering what an empowered life would look and feel like for you and how you can take the steps forward to true alignment with self.

The work is freeing, heart opening and awakening. It creates previous unseen clarity that shakes and wakes you up to who you really are. You will move through inevitable discomfort, resistance and feelings of giving it all up and returning to your masked self.

Its where you realise your power, that you have a choice to make, the shame you have been carrying around with you, turns into unstoppable will, as you make a promise to your self that things really are going to change.

what happens after?

After the 12 weeks you will have embodied these 10 powerful practices and more. Your mental emotional body will remember the work you have done and hold it close to the surface. You will feel a deeper connection with your intuition continuing to listen and trust the voice that will bring you back into alignment. Honouring what you need in the moment each day to give you steady focus on the life you want to create. No longer will you be stuck and in a place of feeling lost & lonely. When you have bad days or are moving through a difficult time these practices really work. They only grow with their potency and clarity the more you work with them. You can use them for the rest of your life or as a way to find new or other practices that keep you aligned with your awakened self.

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.”
— Henri Poincare, French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and philosopher of science

This work is for you if…..

you have self care practices in your life, though they feel at times forced or not aligning with how you would like to feel. leaving you depleted or unfulfilled


you have’nt yet figured out how to honour your personal self care and have been in constant reminder that you would like to start, but dont know where, or how

you have/do struggle with commitment, and would normal pass this kind opportunity up in fear of not fully investing your self. though when you read through this time, you started to feel like you are ready and willing to do the work.

you realise you have areas of your life that may not feel empowered or reflect your true potential. you are already taking steps to remedy this but you feel alone or unsupported in your work and it holds you back in moving forward.

you long to feel completely at ease in sharing your true feelings and thoughts in a safe and non judgemental space.

having other women holding you up, celebrating your worth and walking along side you, each on their own healing path, makes you feel so loved and part of something greater than yourself.

you realise that you are not getting anywhere by ignoring your current state of unease, discomfort or resistance. you know that in order to change how you relate to yourself and your life, you will need to make different choices and face your fears. And with a safe and supportive space you feel that taking that step is possible for you.

you long to live from a place that completely aligns with how you want to feel. able to trust your intuitive power, act from a place of loving wisdom and fully embody your worth.

you would like to feel more present in life, in order to uncover clarity and guide you to freedom.

Yes, thats me and im ready to do this

If you have read this far and a voice from within is calling, you feel curious to your bodies reaction to what I have written and want to delve in more. Then the next step is for us to talk. The real clarity comes when we take the time to get honest with ourselves and ask if we are ready for this kind of work and commitment. Feeling into the fear and finding the courage to follow your hearts needs will ultimately bring you your answer. I will assess wether I think this would be a good fit for both of us. This isn’t therapy or a yoga class, this work is uncovering your self healing ability on a cellular level. Its about reclaiming your voice so that you feel empowered and able to make the best decisions for your wellbeing and joy in life. It requires a willingness to honour your worth and stay true to your heart.


start date : end september - tbc

closing date : begining december - tbc

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