Welcome to Yoga Nidra or 'deep relaxation' tapping into our nervous system. Assisting you into a deeper relaxed state of being. The specific design and process of yoga Nidra, leads you step by step through the subtle layers of the body. The idea is, for you to feel safe and comfortable so that you can be guided into a lower brain wave frequency. This is where it is possible to reset your nervous system, from being dominant in the sympathetic over drive to balancing with the parasympathetic rest and digest. This can bring about feelings of being at ease, calmness and initiate healing throughout the mental, emotional body. The intentional script can help you tap into limiting beliefs and thought patterns, creating a safe space to re wire new path ways of love and compassion.

Image by Ayham Jabr

Image by Ayham Jabr

the practice

This Guide relaxation is very simple and very effective. Lie down, find your most comfortable, relaxed position and make a promise with yourself to remain aware in stillness throughout the practice.

This wholesome experience is an invaluable tool for everyone. Lasting between 20-50 minuets. It is often said that a Yoga Nidra session is beneficial for better sleep quality, feeling refreshed, rested and calmer. Over a longer period of time of doing yoga Nidra, your body awareness becomes more in tune with its intuitive ways when it comes to self healing and living in balance. I can't be more in love with a way of making yourself feel good. Each time is different, even if you do the same Nidra a thousand times, every time your body adjusts, listens and finer tunes it self. It sounds magical and it is, but really its just the intelligence of our cellular system given the space to heal.